The Best Drivers at the Monaco Grand Prix

The Best Drivers at the Monaco Grand Prix

The Best Drivers at the Monaco Grand Prix

Grand Prix of Monaco (French – Grand Prix de Monaco) is the stage of the famous automobile race Formula 1. It takes place annually in May during 4 days on the urban highway of Monte-Carlo in the Principality of Monaco. This year the track will meet the spectators from 24 to 27 May.

What is so Attractive in this Race?

The Monaco Grand Prix is called the pearl of the championship. This is perhaps the most famous race outside the world of Formula 1. What is it: a tribute to fashion, or a sign of good taste, or celebrities are just attracted by the glamor and charisma of this stage? In any case, the cream of the world elite always gathers on the races taking place in Monaco: representatives of well-known families, stars of show business and sports.
They say that Monaco still has not lost its place in the championship only thanks to the fact that here in the world of luxury and excitement, diamonds, expensive cars and beautiful women, sponsors become more pliable and fork out for more generous contracts. The monaco grand prix is known as the bureau of the championship, since it is here that the lion’s share of the agreements is concluded. But of course, this is the reasoning of the skeptics. In fact, the Grand prix of Monaco is an integral part of Formula 1, a significant era in the history of the “Queen of Motorsport”.
Monaco Grand Prix

Heroes of the Race

There are two heroes in the Monaco Grand Prix – Ayrton Senna and Grem Hill. The Brazilian, having risen on the podium from the 13th place at the start in the rainy race of 1984, only occasionally shared victories with Alan Prost, arriving first in six stages. He also owns the track record for the number of victories in a row – there were five of them from 1989 to 1993. The organizers of the stage left the pole position of 1994 empty, symbolically giving it to the deceased rider. Graham Hill won in five stages, and from the current pilots the first place in the number of victories belong to Michael Schumacher – there are 6 of them in his portfolio. Sebastian Vettel won for the third time in 2017, becoming a triumphant of Grand Prix of Monaco.
The coming season of the Grand Prix will be already the 76th in a row. Meanwhile, the most titled “stable” of the track is McLaren. The British won 15 times in Monte Carlo. But McLaren has not long been the leader of Formula 1. Therefore, it’s time for other teams to update the previous record!
The absolute triumph of Monaco in recent years belongs to Nico Rosberg, who won three consecutive victories in five years – in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Before him the pilots of the Red Bull won twice – in 2011, Sebastian Vettel and in 2012, Mark Webber. In this case, all the winners in 2011-2015 started from the first row.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest stages of royal races with a rich history. For several decades, Monte Carlo has seen a lot: the rise of future stars, unexpected victories, fiasco of leaders and even the repeated death of pilots … And what will be remembered in the upcoming race of 2018?


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